ImerPlast™ is designed to help you achieve bottom line savings by enabling the use of recycled polymers in value added applications, such as pipes and geomembranes.

ImerPlast™ technology brings compatibalisation of the different
polymers (HDPE, PP and PE), helping to maintain impact resistance and increase flexural modulus, even at high mineral loadings.


  • Extends the number of useful sources of recycled plastics.
  • Allows a higher recycling rate.
  • Increases the number of outlets for recycled polymer.


Due to the nature of the feed ImerPlast™ is only available in black.

ImerPlast™ has been successfully used in the manufacture of pipes for drains, cable ducting, sewerage, drilling or for cores for winding of plastics.

Recommended applications for ImerPlast™:

  • Plastics & Polymers