Printing Inks

Calcium Carbonate

In our product range we have both treated and untreated Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC), marble and chalk grades.

Nepheline Syenite (Minex)

Minex functional fillers offer a unique combination of physical and chemical properties, delivering premium performance in architectural, wood and powder coating systems.


Perlite products are made from an amorphous alumino-silicate rock, which has some very special properties: it contains water, which expands into steam on heating, producing a foamed structure. The type of foaming depends very much on the hardness of the particular perlite ore, and the initial concentration of water. Only a few, select deposits have the correct characteristics for expansion.


Sodachem offers a wide range of organic and inorganic pigments from different validated sources.

Synthetic Silicates

TiO2 & White Pigments

Titanium dioxide is sourced from ilmente, rutile and anatase. It is extracted by using the sulphate process or the chloride process. Sodachem offers a full range of high quality grades for the coating, ink, rubber, fiber and paper industries.