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Sealant & Adhesives

ATH (Aluminium Hydroxide)

Aluminium hydroxide has good fire retardant properties and is very effective as a smoke suppressant in a wide range of applications such as polymers and rubber.

Barium Sulfate

Barium sulfate (Baryte or BaSO4) is available from different locations, with natural white and off-white grades. It has a very high specific gravity, chemical inertness and low oil absorption.

Calcium Carbonate

In our product range we have both treated and untreated Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC), marble and chalk grades.



Cristobalite functional fillers are engineered materials produced by high temperature modification of quartz which gives an extremely white particle with a distinctive surface morphology.

Hydrated Magnesium Calcium Carbonate

Nepheline Syenite (Minex)

Minex functional fillers offer a unique combination of physical and chemical properties, delivering premium performance in architectural, wood and powder coating systems.


Our quartz sand is chemically inert and pH neutral at its surface. It offers a unique combination of hardness and chemical resistance.

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