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Ceramics & Refractory

Alpha Korund


Alumina Compounds


Bauxite is used for the extraction of aluminium minerals as a metal.


Bentonite is a highly absorbent and viscous plastic clay. It can be used as a binding, sealing, absorbing and lubricating agent.

Brown Fused Alumina

This highly angular mineral product is suitable for grinding metals of high tensile strength.


Iron chromium oxide has a high heat stability.



Cordierite is a thermal shock resistant mineral mainly used as an ingredient for making ceramic parts used in catalytic converters.

Fused Silica

Fused silica is used to make various refractory shapes for many high-temperature thermal processes including steelmaking, investment casting, and glass manufacture.

Green Chrome Oxide

Green chrome oxide is one of the principal oxides of chromium and is used as a pigment.

High Alumina Cement

Calcium aluminate cements are consisting predominantly of hydraulic calcium aluminates.

Lightweight Chamotte


A magnesium carbonate mineral used as a refractory material, catalyst and filler for synthetic rubber production and for the preparation of magnesium chemicals and fertilizers.



Mullite is a silicate mineral with high temperature stability.


Our quartz sand is chemically inert and pH neutral at its surface. It offers a unique combination of hardness and chemical resistance.

Refractory Binders

Refractory Sands

Tabular Alumina

White Fused Alumina

Suitable for use with stainless steel and aluminium.


Wollastonite (CaSiO3) is an industrial mineral chemically composed of calcium, silicon and oxygen. It’s mainly used for its reinforcement properties.

Zircon Sands

Zircon is mainly used as an opacifier and can be used directly in certain foundry applications or fine milled to produce Zircon flour.

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